The thing with excessive political talks

It’s 2018 and political season has started. We are a year away from one of the biggest political events in the history of Indonesia: presidential election. At the moment, other cities are holding gubernatorial elections. So it’s like a warm-up before the actual event.

One inevitable symptom of political elections in Indonesia is the rise of political commentary in every social media. You can find it anywhere in newsportals, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, even YouTube. You just can’t run from these comments.

Dread it, run from it, politics still arrive” – Thanos (Paraphrased)

The existence of those comments in literally every social media exists, created some sort of battleground for opinions. Everyone can access social media whenever they want. No matter what your background, education, culture, or your personal view is, you can access and comment anything that exists in social media, and generally, the internet. It’s no longer uncommon to see a debate between a PhD and a piehead, and within a minute, the debate will turn from 1 vs 1 to 100 vs 100. And these debates rarely finished in a civil manner, the best way it could end is by trading insult, or just leave it be. We’ve seen this kind of debates in just about any topics. I’ve seen countless debates on Michael Jordan vs LeBron James vs Kobe Bryant, how Infinity War should end, and which KPop group is the best. The only peaceful comment section is in Funny Cat Videos in YouTube.

Well, it’s kind of fair and unavoidable because in social medias, we cannot listen how people say the comment. It’s a pure text, and we are reading the comments with bias: if the comments are annoying, we are reading it in a voice of a person we dislike. So, we perceive those comments like they are against humanity and just borderline awful.

And that is when we are talking about topics that are not named “politics”.

In talking politics, everything becomes… Worse. I don’t know why but people seemed so easily angered and over-reactive to the headlines and posts.

Now I know each of every person has a standpoint; a background; a personal view regarding political matters. You do, I do, everyone does. These elements are factors that explains how one pick sides, how one values one thing over another, and also how one becomes angry. I wholeheartedly agree with that.

But I don’t agree on bashing other’s standpoint just because you don’t like how it sounds.

And you can’t force your own standpoint if other’s cannot accept and believe it.

In talking about Indonesian political spectrum, I don’t lean on sides that extremely bashing their opponents’ view. It’s just not fair bashing personal or people’s physique just because you don’t like their view.

At my office, we have a different views on political matters like what currently happened in Indonesia. But we don’t let our personal views judge others. We recognize and fully understand that people have different perspectives. But we won’t let it ruin our personal relationships.

I personally believe what everything Al-Quran said is right, there’s no doubt about it. There’s just no doubt. But that does not make me perfect either or truly holy. I believe I am still far away from being good, let alone great. However, I know the best way to deliver the values I believe is by practicing and say it, not just “say” it. 

Also, I know that, apart from religious values, every human does not like being dictated. I could not emphasize enough a quote from Dale Carnegie: “If you want to be interesting, be interested“. This quote explains further than just being a good listener, but also be a decent human being that listens more than speak, and also be someone who understands other people standpoints and background and how they become themselves now.

So you see, a passive-aggressive Facebook posts insinuating and pointing other people’s flaw won’t do anything right.


Let’s have an assumption game. Shall we?

Don’t think about right or wrong or how silly the following text is, but just thinkTHINK. Think about the what-ifs:

What if actually there are parties outside our country that wants us to be divided? What if actually, their way of doing so are so smooth and invisible that nobody realizes it?

Again, I’m just talking about a what-if scenario. Silly as it is, there is a possibility of it being true. And if it is actually true, shouldn’t we think again of being over-reactive? Shouldn’t we be more cool headed, level-headed, and calm before having a fiery debate over something we could actually agree on?

I don’t know either if it can. But if one person think about this and actually change the way he/she reacts to these political posts, I guess there’s a slim shot.



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