In dealing with the so-called Quarter Life Crisis

This is "Dealing with self-proclaimed Quarter Life Crisis" episode number XX! It's me again with yet another possible rant to the inevitable phase of life! It's 1:32am in Indonesia and I'm still having an existential crisis over here, strolling in Reddit and had been writing ONE character in Scrivener for more than an hour. At … Continue reading In dealing with the so-called Quarter Life Crisis

Review: Misery by Stephen King

    Gosh... Annie Wilkes. I was on the brink of finishing IT. Browsing Goodreads and Reddit to find Uncle Stevie's best books according to everyone's list. Well, Misery is on the list and dubbed as "one of the King's best". So I picked it. Actually, there was a little conflict inside of me to … Continue reading Review: Misery by Stephen King