Is passion ubiquitous?


One word that make you feel passionate by saying it passionately. Even the pronunciation (and emphasizing the double S) kinda motivate you to be passionate.

Passion is a thing you’d see on motivational quotes, success people biographies, even Instagram captions. It’s a thing that seemed mandatory for people to reach success in their life.

Last night, I was watching Gordon Ramsay’s “Advice for Life” on YouTube, the video popped up 3 times on recommendation, it’s like a divine intervention that told me to get up my lazy bum to work and find passion. The video was sadly taken down from YouTube, but I remember vividly what he was talking about.

Gordon Ramsay is notorious for his F-bomb rapid fire and short-tempered Chef. He could barrage you with thousand “Fucks” and “Shits” with a velocity of 1000 Fucks/Shits per minute if you do wrong. But he does that in the name of passion. He would travel to the other parts of the world to learn other ways to cook and taste culture-filled foods, the man is just so passionate that he said “No Michelin stars, food critiques, or anything that can take me down, it takes more than that. And when people take me down, I’m gonna get up and kick their fucking ass.”. You can sense the burning passion from the man.

But then it got me thinking, “What’s my passion?”. This question was probably too early to ask to a 22 year old. Or maybe to late.

I’ve been in a various domain; I learned guitar, writing, rapping, coding, photography, philosophy, politics, business, and more. But I didn’t find anything that I whole-heartedly enjoy. I enjoy them all, but in a temporary fashion. I don’t know if this is normal like a fluctuating graph, but I feel bad for not focusing on being good at one thing. I thought being a generalist jack in all trades would be cool, but now I regret the thought.

I could remember 9 years ago, I was so into baseball that I consecutively lead the high school team for 3 years, when I graduated to senior high school, I joined local club that has a reputation. But because I saw people got hit by a stone-hard baseball and got their jaw dislocated, I surrendered and reverse the steer.

IF only I didn’t retreat and focus on baseball, I would’ve been a hell of a player now. That’s one of my biggest regret.

An hour ago I watched a video– a TEDtalk video called “Stop Searching For Your Passion” by Terri Trespicio. Here’s the video:

One word that I underlined from the video is:

“passion is not a plan, it’s a feeling, and feelings can change”

She also added that passion is an elitist thing, you can’t assume people who cleans the building for years as someone who are passionate in cleaning.

So, is passion really a thing? is it ubiquitous or just for a person with capital?


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