Bungee Jumping

I haven’t done a real-life bungee jumping, to be fair.

I have seen it many times, it makes me giddy. But some part of my body shot up adrenaline, distributed it evenly to all of my body to joint. Boy did it makes me excited.

So far, the closest thing I have ever done to bungee jumping is hypothetical bungee jumping, mental bungee jumping, or any bungee jumping analogy.

Only yesterday, I woke up with tight eyes and walked like a zombie downstairs, aiming for bathroom to shot some urine. From my room to the bathroom, everything seemed normal. But after I went to close the bathroom door using the inside-doorknob, something crawled hastily on my hand towards my armpit. After getting some information from the nerves of my hand and translated it to my brain, I flinched and whip my hand to shake it off. It was a cockroach waiting on the inside-doorknob. Unknowingly crawled using its tiny freaking legs.

That was such a mental bungee jumping for me. It was still dark in the morning, anyway.

But that’s not only it. Lately I’ve been lingering on Quora and YouTube and Reddit, finding some self-help content that would make my time before reaching 23 used for something of an investment. You know, the best investment I could make for now is for myself.

Among those three, Quora has been a big help since the web provides answers not only from a self-proclaimed motivators or so but professionals and practitioners are there, too. Gordon Ramsay and Jimmy Wales (Founder of Wikipedia) for example.

It became a sudden realization to me, after reading so much answers of how broad our world is. I mean, at the end of last year all I could think about is becoming a rich person in order to easily give money to my family and the needs, but, the Quora answer opened wide my eyes to understand that there are countless permutations of things to happen. The ambition of becoming rich slowly fade, not that fading cause you know it’s a dream, but that’s not a sole priority.

Not to brag or being a snob, but, this life is too wonderful for us to be an average Joe. To be satisfied by “this is enough”. I hate to be a pester but, YOLO seems relevant now. Not to use it as an excuse to do a somersault from Burj Khalifa without parachute, of course. But each second we are closing to death so why don’t we left a good impression to the world and our successors?

At the same time, I realize how HUGE the dream is, and how far I am right now from that. So I have to take the giant leap which will involve loneliness and insurmountable stress, also discomfort.

Much like bungee jumping. You are on the verge of a cliff or the edge of a tower; you either make the jump to say “Hey I did the bungee jumping! it was fun but bla bla bla” or sit in scare and watch people done it without ever doing it first hand.


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