A happiness of their own

Often times having a spacey house with clear-water swimming pool, exotic cars brimming with Swarovski and have a lunch in a place with dim lights and never-before heard Jazz songs with tongue-twisting artist names are the dream standard of everyone’s happiness. Thus people are working day and night to achieve what perceived as happiness.

“I would rather cry in a BMW than laugh in bicycle a famous phrase once said.

It isn’t fully wrong nor right. It’s a preference.

I am leaning to that standard as well. I mean, all I do for 5 days in a week is upgrading myself and try to work harder and harder, with intention to be prosperous.

However, last Saturday night, I found a fresh perspective of happiness.

To give you a background story, I rarely go to places that are over-crowded, enjoyed by stream of people, plays terrible music, and a lot of insecurities like pickpockets or anything.

I could say I hate mainstream things, not that I want to be assigned in a specific class or embrace bourgeouisean life and despise Marxians. But I have come to realize that not all things mainstream are good, some of it are enjoyable, but not all.

So last Saturday night, I visited Lenggang Jakarta, a culinary place and a night market. Occasionally, a (bootleg) theme park is running there too. I was lucky to be able to see the theme park that night.

Lenggang Jakarta (Source: Detik.com)
It was because of my sister that I end up here. Initially, she only wanted to take a picture of Bajaj driver but she didn’t feel satisfied. So we searched for more places where a natural emotion and expression could be captured.

Indeed, our bet driving through the traffic and fending off laziness of not going anywhere was paid off. What I found there was a pristine expression of happiness.

the theme park
Though I could’t get a picture of how the kids were having fun and their face shaping a natural wrinkles of happiness. But that night I was so happy to witness happiness of their own, on their standard, not mine.


Imprinted on my mind was a scene where bunch of kids were getting on a mini pirate ship ride (Kora-kora in Indonesian), the size was probably 10% from the real pirate ship ride, and probably doesn’t provide much thrill than the real one. But these kids, with less satisfaction, found a diamond in the mud.

It’s what I didn’t found lately. I was busy whining about how do I do good in work or how I demand perfection in my life. But then this scene gave me a wake-up slap (again…).

I even made a short video about the trip plus O Mio Babbino Caro as the background song.


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