Figuring life out

Though it seems early, but I think I am entering the “quarter-life crisis” phase.

The symptoms have never been this clear.

How can I know? By comparing the year to year uneasiness level. This year, 22 years old me, feel like not knowing the direction.

I wasn’t this pessimistic when I was about to graduating. Ray of hope was shining upon me and I felt like I am the luckiest person that ever live.

But that lasted for about….. a month or two?

Since then I feel like there’s a huge setback to my life, like I took an enormous number of backsteps, closing to square one.

All that plenty stocks of pride has just depleted. I sense no urgency to replenish it, for now.

Then I found this picture on Reddit585a42b6562c429e96497f0e84879f01

Afterwards, I told myself “you’re going to be alright”.


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