A thank you note for 2016

2016 had been a hell of a year.

A roller coaster ride it was. With all the death, disaster, and bad news, 2016 could be categorized as a bad year. Even George R.R Martin of Game of Thrones admitted he was the director of 2016.

Macroscopically, we all can agree to that. With all legends like George Michael, Alan Rickman, and David Bowie announced dead in 2016, sadness couldn’t be clearer than yesteryears.

But don’t life always like that? One year you feel everything is going fine, another year all those dumps and poops are thrown at you.

‘What goes up must come down’ there is a saying.

Much like countries’ GDP, ball thrown vertically, or an erection.

Aside from that, though. 2016 had given me a lot of changes.


It was in 2016, I received my first degree after finishing college.

It was in 2016, I started working 2 weeks after graduating and undergone a major change from an idealist college student to more like a professional.

It was in 2016, I first realize that I should not continue being a jack in all trade and should focus on several things that I like instead.

It was in 2016, I become more mature than before.

this is short because I’m in a so called writer’s block and not in the mood to write, but I have to go through it.

So, on that note. Thank you 2016.


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