Review: My Wife’s Having an Affair This Week


It was because Song Ji Hyo (woman in the middle) played in this drama, my motivation rose to watch this drama.

From the look of it, I thought this was meant to be a comical, light-weighted plot which will be colored with a lot of jokes and only have a little dose of sadness.

Instead, what I got is the opposite of my expectation. Despite the comical part was still clearly visible in almost all episodes, but the sadness is inevitable. Turns out, the drama really live up to its name, especially in the “affair” part.

Firstly, the drama itself consists of solid casts, variety show Running Man’s most renowned only girl Song Ji Hyo was the main spotlight in the drama. She played as Jung Soo-yeon, a career mom, and wife of Do Hyun Woo, portrayed by Lee Sun-kyun. There are also Lee Sang-yeob as Ahn Joon Young (man on the right), popular singer Kwon BoA as Kwon Bo Young, Kim Hee-won as Choi Yoon Ki the cheating lawyer (man on the left) and Ye Ji-won as Eun Ah Ra, wife of Choi Yoon Ki.

The story revolved around the world of cheating and affair which almost all of the character had to deal with. Do Hyun Woo,a chief producer of a TV program and the main character of the story found out that his wife is about to meet with an unknown man whom he suspected as his wife’s cheating partner. Not knowing what to do, Hyun Woo posted his story under the name of “TOYCRANE” in a message board titled “My Wife’s Having an Affair This Week”, and got help from various anonymous netizens ever since. Ahn Joon Young and Kwon Bo Young have a love-hate relationship and both are Do Hyun Woo’s best TV production team as well as close friend. On the other side, Choi Yoon Ki and Eun Ah Ra’s relationship was colored with cheating. Yoon Ki cheated with several women in various occasion while Ah Ra stayed calm and did not make a fuss about the cheating until the last three episodes.

Subjectively, the whole story was painfully beautiful. Painful because I can relate to what happened in the drama, but beautiful because in every conflict, there rose a beautiful resolution. If I looked at the bigger picture, the three main story represent a phase of marriage. Choi Yoon Ki’s story represented a phase when a marriage is stable but monotonous, which pushes one party to try to revive their motivation of loving someone by choosing person that’s not their partner. Ahn Joon Young’s story represented a phase when a marriage ends and the remaining person tries to love someone new but with hurtful memories of the past, it seemed to be hard. While Do Hyun Woo’s story represented a broken marriage. Trying to knit the whole mess back, but hard to do. At the same time, they have a kid who stand in between the line and connect both parent while hoping to have a happily ever after family.

My heart was fluttering while watching it. The drama was so realistic that people in comment section actually told their own experience of being cheated or cheating, it also gave a wake-up slap and different perspective to see. While people automatically blame the cheater for cheating all this time, this drama will force you to see things from both the cheater and the cheating’s side.

Another beauty of the drama is the anonymous netizen’s side story. While on the internet, they help TOYCRANE a.k.a Do Hyun Woo in solving the problem, but in real life, they also have their own problem of cheating, problematic kid, wanting to suicide, and other stories. Each has their own portion of stories which colored the drama even more beautifully.

I really really have to give much praise to BoA’s acting as Writer Kwon/Kwon Bo Young and Lee Sang-yeob’s acting as Ahn Joon Young. Their story was the most interesting beside Do Hyun Woo and Jung Soo-yeon’s story. They have a great chemistry and love-hate relationship that I guarantee you’d root for both of them. Also, Writer Kwon was the kind of cool girl with laidback personality you will like. And Ahn Joon Young was this one person who are overreacting at almost everything, noisy, cry-baby but at the same time, a great person and deep inside, a vulnerable person.

You will also love Do Hyun Woo and Jung Soo-yeon’s kid, Do Joon Soo. He’s still seven years old in the drama, but act and speak like an adult, many of his words are either laugh-inviting, or sad.

On the other side, though. I kinda disappointed with Song Ji Hyo’s role as Jung Soo-yeon. Prior to this drama and Running Man, I never see any of her drama but I know she’s a good actress so… Looking at her expression who was frequently sad, shy, and rarely laugh plus cried a lot is quite a disappointment. I expected a full expression like what happened with Writer Kwon and Ahn Joon Young.

Plus, if you really want to watch the drama, you really have to go through two first boring episode with full of exposition. Because the conflict started to happen in episode 3. But it was worth the wait and watch.

Nevertheless, this drama deserve a lot of love as it will give you a fresh insight in marriage and will shake your conscience as well. I really recommend people to watch this as a preparation pre-marriage or just want to watch good dramas.




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