The room is surrounded by cold walls with the color same as blood. It is covered with see-through glass to make it visible from the outside world. From a hundred meter, one can clearly see there are a sadistic scene happening. At least that is what I see.

Strangely, rather than being scared by the scene, people hastily walk to the room. There are no regret or sadness displayed on their face! How could this sadistic behavior happen without hesitation? I asked myself. The horror part is that the people who dashed to the room are not barbaric or 90% naked, instead, people with scintillating, clean, and redolent fabric, completed with firm collar rounding their neck, walking with haughty posture.

Impressed and baffled at the same time, I moved my bipedal posture closing in on the room. Squinting eyes.

People are…. Queuing? I said, frowning.

The queue itself baffled me further. One… Two… Three.. I count the people who are lining inside the blood-red room. Ten people!? Another baffling moment.

Driven by unbounded curiosity, I entered the red room and stand behind the last people queuing. Indeed, the room blows a 12 celcius wind that made my skin felt dehydrated and dry. Without realizing, two of my palm rubs my hand to create heat. Why there’s no fire on my hand? I’m not sure either.

Looking around the room, I get bewildered even more. Why in the world people are happy while there is a sadistic scene happening before their eyes?

“Which part you’d like?” a man said in a firm and husky voice

My ears suddenly shifted its focus, eavesdropping the conversation.

“Can I have that part….. What’s the name I don’t know” another man replied

“Try to describe it,” the husky-voiced man replied hastily “I’ll try to help you find one”

“Let’s see…. You know, the part with most flesh…. And bone” the man replied

Flesh? Bone? Holy measles. What am I doing here!?  I said to myself

“Okay… It’s a–”

Nope, nope, nope. I covered my ears, and closed my eyes. This is truly sadistic,  I have to go, I have to go, I have to–

When I opened my eyes, people are staring towards me. Some whispers like “what’s with that guy?” can be heard clearly. The room suddenly filled with silence, a type of silence where you can hear your blood flow, and a ring in your ears.

“Sir? Can I help you?” the man with the husky voice asked me

“y-y-yes… What is this place?” I hesitantly asked.

At this point, I could be the victim of the sadistic room–redrum. Heart’s skipping a beat, almost feel like it could jump through my chest and run for its life, leaving the hollow body alone in this…. bloody red room.

The staring intensifies, I can almost guess people are preparing their knives to kill me.

“Sir?” the husky-voiced man called me again.

“y-y-yes?” I replied hesitantly

“Welcome to KFC, how can I help you? Would you like to try our new chicken breast?”




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