In welcoming new words challenge #2

Hi again!

As mentioned in In welcoming new words. I will try to create short story using words that I acquire for a week or two, this will be a recurring challenge and you can do so too, if you are currently learning English, this can be done by yourself to enrich your vocabulary or just for the fun of it.

Up until today, words that I get are as follows (I will also write the definition in English and Bahasa Indonesia):

Slapdash – Reckless, frivolous/Sembrono, serampangan

Menagerie – Zoo/Kebun binatang

Hubris – Pride, snobbery, swagger/Keangkuhan, kesombongan, kepongahan

Fizzle – Confusion, bewilderment, flurry, hiss/Kebingungan, kegagalan, desis

Languid – Lethargic, weak, poor, sluggish/Lesu, lemah

Grime – Dirt/Kotoran

Gingerly – Cautious, shy/Berhati-hati, pemalu

Redolent – Fragrant/Harum

Ruminate – Ponder, think, contemplate/Berpikir dalam, merenungkan

Pristine – Original, unspoilt/Murni, asli

Vestige – Rest, leftovers, remainder/Sisa, bekas, tanda, jejak

Ravenous – Famished, greedy, gluttonous/Sangat lapar, serakah, maruk

Okay, above are words that I’ll create a story with below. Don’t forget to take note of above words–who knows it will be useful in the future.


Only couple weeks ago I visited this place, laughs of children and elders conjoin into one single soothing harmony. Alongside dancing trees and leaving trees–almost like a rain of paratroops coming from the sky. The breeze was pristine back then, without malicious substances or grime. It’s as if I could understand why the trees let the leaves go when blown by this very breeze. Smiles were easy to find, too. If put into happiness and warmth index, they might get double digits. “Young man! Come try this banana fritters I just made” a similar shout accompanied by smile was frequently heard here.

In only that short length of time, all those beautiful memories of this place become grim. Even I pinch my skin to make sure these sequence of event is not a dream. Ouch. It’s real.

The redolent smell of traditional cuisines that used to fill the whole area turned into a pungent smell of sweat.

Where were the smiles? The harmonious laugh of children and the elders? I still can’t believe it’s gone in a snap of finger.

A once peaceful, friendly neighbor now turned into a menagerie of people. On one side you can see a body laying on the ground with eyes wide-open, stabbed by sharp pieces of shattered glass. The other side you see a children crying, drenched in blood, calling mama. If you turn your sight to the healing tent, you might see people fighting over leftover foods, other people took a ravenous bite at it.

It is heartbreaking to see these warm people who used to be very energetic, are now become languid.

“Check southwest area, there might still be people trapped–over” said the commander of the rescue team

I darted across the debris, move the big pieces one by one with strength. The local police helped me to move those big pieces of stone. As said, one person stuck here.

“Need backup doctors! One person down! over” I shouted to the handy-talky

“Incoming” One of the doctor replied

Together with the local police, I gingerly move one by one the vestiges of the building from the stuck person. “You’ll be alright” I whispered. The stuck person, 35 years old by the look of it, moaned. “I can’t feel my leg” he said in fizzle tone.

The scene is more than just a disaster. I cannot even describe how painful it is to see.

It left me ruminating. The past when I was full of hubris and being slapdash as a doctor flashed and displayed on my mind.

I have to save everyone. I said to myself.





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