Review: Descendants of the Sun

After long struggle against watching Korean dramas, my brain and body finally give in. For months after the series launched–and seeing legions of mewling girls–I despise the mainstream-ity of the drama. I even think it was overrated before even laying single eye on the drama.

Then everything reversed.

About two weeks ago, my sister wanted to re-watch the series, she said she forgot the whole story (mini-amnesia?) and had to re-watch it again.

Coincidentally, we were on the living room with my laptop connected to the TV. We just finished watching Running Man and I’m relaxing on the sofa. Then she hovered the cursor to the URL bar, typed “” and chose Descendants of the Sun.

One of the most memorable scene

I think it’s safe to say that I was forced to watch the drama. Before this, I only watch 2 K-Dramas and none of them successfully glue my eyes past episode 1. Also, I never intended to watch this, though.

So the first episode played back then, I can help but watch it because it was the only thing that produces sound, which of course, attracts my mind and body to pay attention to it (a bit exaggerating).

Turns out, it was a page turner. I had to watch again and again because the ending scene of every episode provided a irresistible suspense. Great cliffhanger and upcoming episode preview.

After that night, I watch the series every night and just last night, I finished it. Even watched the behind the scene episode.

What impressed me was how complicated and meticulous the story line went. At the same time, it also displays a brighter side from a serious and complicated story.

Firstly, the casts really stuck to the character. I don’t know much about drama world and this was the first drama I ever completed, but I really love how Song Hye Kyo (as Kang Mo Yeon) acted. I took a quick look at Song Hye Kyo’s Wikipedia page and astonished by how she has a solid track record. As far as I researched, Descendants of the Sun was the first drama that she acted as a jolly and cheerful women, plus, she never play as a doctor.

The drama focused a lot in doctor and army’s life. In army, there is no over complicated and tongue-twisting foreign terms, but medical terms surely give you hard time just to pronounce it. Terms like IV (intravenous injection), triage protocol, intraperitoneal bleeding, and abdominal distention and even use medical tools and move like the pro. Below is the example of one scene where she completely speaks alien (medical terms).

Secondly, the other main characters are also the factor why the drama was considered great. Song Joong Ki as Captain Yoo Si Jin was also exceptional. Despite his childish look, he managed to radiate the aura of real soldier, pull off good jokes, but at the same time, he also managed to play with our emotion. I might never pay a special attention to the kissing scene because it was not my thing, but Si Jin’s on off and unusual relationship with Mo Yeon successfully stole people’s heart and make it beat faster.

Jin Goo’s role as Sergeant Seo Dae Young should also be applauded. His chemistry with Song Joong Ki’s Yoo Si Jin and her (also) on off girlfriend, Yoon Myeong Ju portrayed by Kim Ji Won completes the whole story. Dae Young’s rigid but also laidback attitude when he’s on army and not in the army was a laugh generating machine.

While I can’t comment on every cast, how the story went is crazy.

First you got conflict, then you got lovey-dovey couple scene, funny scene, just when you think everything is done, conflict happened, then peace, then conflict, then done, then final twist, then happy.

One of the best that is printed in my mind was the 15th episode, one before end.

The episode was filled with fluctuating waves. The first 30 minutes you have these peaceful scenes like lovey-dovey couple, sweet moments, but entering the second half, you got a heartbreaking and poignant scenes.

If you haven’t watch the series, I suggest you should stop in this line, because I’m going to spill the milk after this very sentence.

The poignant scene I was talking about is the scene where Yoo Si Jin and Seo Dae Young are assumed dead. The scene told us so, the people around told us so, the army commander told us so. You are convinced that the both main character died.

Kang Mo Yeon and Yoon Myeong Ju–both main character’s respective girlfriend cried hard and spent time reminiscing both men. Drinking together.

A year passed. At this time I believed that they really died, but I know they will eventually back to life, then I was right.

It’s a bit disappointing for me, frankly. If the drama ended with poignant cliffhanger, I would’ve been really happy.

All in all, this isn’t really a review, it’s just I want to spill my impression here after watching the series. I totally recommend it for fangirls or not. Professionally, it is worth and safe to say that this is currently the best drama around. I rarely get crazy over casts but Song Hye Kyo and Kim Ji Won wins.



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