Cicada skin shed

I had been reviewing my life for couple days back.

You know, the kind of what should I do in the next three months, what should I leave behind, and all.

It all starts to make sense. These 4-5 months had been a transitional phase. From an idealist college student to an employee. Things are starting to change.

I got several life lectures from a co-worker, boss, and my father. Their lecture resembles a forging hammer and I’m a low-grade steel laying on an anvil.

Back in college, I thought life is going to work as I projected. Eventhough I know it’s a naive conjecture, but I believe it anyway. You know, the working hard, get big pay, buy a decent house, and life goes on. Much like what Game of Life like.

But then life took a U-turn. It doesn’t look like that at all.

I had a quite hard struggle on the first two months, adjustments, learning something I don’t really like, attitude change, even having to accept the fact that I started from big zero.

Along with that, I also subconsciously like to spend a lot of time with social medias. Share songs, upload a (supposedly) funny pictures and captions, all those things.

Just yesterday and this morning, I got a wake-up slap from two things: 1. A video showing German worker’s productivity 2. Pablo (the cheese tart)

You could search for number 1. But for number 2, it’s a whole new  thing.

So, a mall near my office just opened a branch for renowned cheesetart in Japan, known as Pablo. A lot of people said that it is one of the best cheese tart around the globe.

Yesterday, I saw people queing in front of Pablo and even far from Pablo. Apparently, there are 2 queues, first is a queue for queing in front of Pablo, the second is queing for Pablo. Crazy, isn’t it? I saw from people’s social media they even spent 1.5-2 hours to get those luscious cheese tart.

That is the part I can’t fathom. I mean… Why spend a time of your life for something that is going to be gone from the world in less than 5 hours? For food critics and food enthusiast, that’s acceptable. But besides that?

Don’t mean no harm or offense, it’s just economically irrational to spend that much of time for no added values. You can buy it 3-4 months later with the same taste, right?

“why spend a time for something?” is the question I ask to myself. Why do I spend a lot of time thinking about social medias? Tinker with it? I could spend the same amount of time for another value-adding thing such as writing or reading or rest?

Thus, it is probably a time I should make the change for myself. For a long-term.Like a Cicada that changes skin, I probably have to change from a dull, social-media driven chap to someone better than that.

(Why Cicada? You could use snake for changing skin analogy?)

(Cicada rings better)


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