In welcoming new words.

So this whole week I’ve been reading quite a lot, be it short stories, non-fiction, article, and more. I had been in a read-run for 4 days. During that 4 days, though. I got several words that I wrote on my sticky note, it’s time to put it into a writing in order to make it sticky to my brain as well.

Here are the words:

Convivial – Pungent – Bop – Bob – Sardonic – Giddy – Reproach – Insolent – Foray – Piquancy – Pedant – Coax

(P.S. Most of these words are extracted from Kurt Vonnegut’s short stories. Read his stories and you feel like a gold digger in a Smaug’s den.)

(P.S.S This could be a recurring challenge, though)

(P.S.S.S It may take two-digit of minutes, though)

(P.S.S.S.S I’m starting to sound like a snake)


“You’re a hell of a player” she coaxed.

“Thanks.” I replied, giving her a sardonic smile.

“Frequent visitor, I presume?” she leaned onto the wall, beside the pinball machine I am currently busy with.

The ball slipped between two flippers, “tsk.” I whined. Scoreboard shown a “CONGRATULATIONS” sign, with six digit score, a hundred shy away from the best score.

“Nah, just the weekends.” I gave her a slight eye contact. She has a tall figure, with curly hair on the edge, with a pungent perfume… eau de cologne? Eau de perfume? I can’t tell. Her sharp smell give my nose a sweet bop plus a kiss.

“Care to try again? You’re just a hundred away from the high score.” she said while drinking her coke. Her conviviality seemed natural, it made me uncomfortable and don’t know what to respond.

“Why don’t we see your play?” I said to her.

“Very well.” she sardonically replied. I gave her the space to play the pinball, now it’s my turn to lean myself onto the wall while giving a pedantic look at her.

“Your first foray?” I calmly asked about her pinball skill.

“Sheesh. Just watch me play.” giving me a shooing gesture.

She pulled the ball launcher. Boom. The ball violently hits the bumper, producing a machine-gun speed sound, pow! pow! pow! kaching! Something like that. Her speed was surprising for a first play (I guess?). It left me giddy.

Her style of play somehow reminds me of Muhammad Ali. Fast, precise, seems calm. Adds a piquancy while seeing her play. I even drawn to the suspense. My Adam’s apple is bobbing.

“Gosh, harder than I expected. But not bad, don’t you think?” she asked me while wiping her forehead sweat. I thought it was a make up thing that make her forehead shine.

“Beginner’s luck.” I reproach.


“Not even close to my score, though” I replied with a pretended insolent tone,

“At least I broke the six digit, in first try” she gave me a mocking tone.

I bounced from the wall, “Yeah, you broke through the six digit” I said to her while darting through the nearest chair. “Drink’s on me, order what you want” I said.

She ordered another coke, and walk through the crowd, sit beside me on the chair.

“So what’s your name?” she asked me.

The conversation went on and on.




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