Daily Prompt: Ostentatious

via Daily Prompt: Ostentatious


It’s been three days since the last time I write, and it honestly felt hollow. I mean, usually when there is (are) something that popped up in my mind, without any hesitation, I darted to my laptop and spill those thoughts there. But these days I’ve been busy so… little time.

Today I don’t really have something to write, but I remember an advice–I forgot who said it–that a writer will never run out of topics to write, it’s just we are too lazy to explore.

So, I just opened WordPress again and I found this Daily Prompt… Challenge? Or anything, but it seems interesting, so, I gotta take this.

Ostentatious…. This is a word I rarely heard and only found in movies, spoken by ironically, an ostentatious or pretentious character. Not all–several characters are made to speak high words (high words?).

Speaking of which, both ostentatious and pretentious have the same meaning: showy. openly fancy, and other words similar to it.

By seeing at the definition of the word, a face and name of person I know, popped up vividly, indicating they have a strong resemblance to the word, literal embodiment of them.

I don’t have anything against ostentatious and pretentious people, it’s just… Somehow cringey when they don’t place their ostentatious trait in the right place.

Reading the atmosphere is in my must-have list, and I already developed it. Before I speak, I’d do a quick assessment of the audience or people I talked to, whether they will like my word choice or not, whether it will have an impact or not.

Sometimes people have a sensitive radar when they heard some words, either the word insinuate them or offend them. The word must have connection with their identity, social status, or even their history and trauma.

That’s why I do a quick assessment, because I know not all people like to hear pretentious jargon or terms, words with strange sound. Most people like to hear simple terms and words they can process within a blink of an eye, not a word with multiple layer that needs extra effort just to know what that word mean.

Because I’ve been used to do that, seeing people unaware of their talking partner’s identity and all things I mentioned above is quite cringey. Back when I was in college, I’ve seen this a lot. I mean, people are tired but some other people insists on keeping the atmosphere stiff, you see where I’m going with this?

Despite all of that, they’re not that bugging, though. Just a slight glitch that we’d like to wipe but we accept if there’s no change.


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