Solitary Moment and Classical Music

Thunder roars again for the third day at the same time, 3pm.

Its light penetrate through my office window; almost like someone took my picture with a flash.

Heavy drizzle smashed the window, created a sizzling sound that someone might guess that it was a sound of someone grilling a steak.

Sound of klaxon blaring, red lights can be seen swarming behind the curtain of rain.

All of those sequence of events happen simultaneously as I write this post.

Funny how there is a subtle chaos going right outside my place, with only a thin window separates me from the chaos. But here I am, writing this post accompanied by Liszt’s Annees de Pelerinage: Premiere Annee. Alone in the room, intending to take a break for a while.

I hate to be a fake pretentious person; but the piece from Liszt and other composer soothes me for the last 3 weeks. Ever since I read Murakami, from Norwegian Wood down to Pinball, 1973, a love or appreciation towards classical music grew in me, subconsciously. I’ve been listening few pieces of Tchaikovsky, Beethoven, and Liszt, which I play whenever I’m in the office. But strangely it helps me to find a different view of anything, it helps me to write, and focus on my work.

Almost 80% of my posts are written while listening to classical music, and when I’m alone. I can let my mind fly and explore things that I haven’t even think before. It also strangely enables my mind to roll out words easier.

I’d really love to have a solitary moment, again. Along with classical music or any instrumental music to amplify my brain.



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