We love punching bag, don’t we?

If you wonder what does this mean, this girl is bragging her IDR 42 million (about US$ 4200) teddy (?) that was bought from US and told people that the poor can’t have it for their financial status

In universal thinking system, anger should be released. Along with stress, depression, sorrow, or anything similar to it. However, due to the presence of law, one cannot lash out their anger to random people and knock them down for whatever reason.

Punching bags are probably there for this reason, beside its main function which is for martial arts practitioner to train their punch and kick. Because there’s no reciprocal action if you punch or kick or even swear upon it (who swears at punching bag?), you get what you want: releasing anger without having to worry about retaliation in the future.

That’s only if we want to get physical release of anger. However, punching bags are not only expensive, but not all of us love to get out from our bed, right? We want a minimum movement with maximum satisfaction, like in Richie Rich, instead of driving to McDonalds for Big Mac, you drag it to your house. So you don’t have to waste energy or any of your resources to get a maximum satisfaction.

Enter social media, where we can move (our astral body) around the world without having to do it with our physical body. We just move our fingers and thumb around the screen and poof, we’re around the world in just seconds. Yes, social media enables us to see anything in the world, like, anything.

So we are able to see how our beloved idol doing, NBA scores, or even what our enemies are doing.

I’m sure you’ll already familiar with the stalking part, because that’s what we naturally do as millennials. Either you like someone or you hate them, we stalk. We do that for discussion (gossip), research (really?), or anything.

Then there’s this part when you found someone unknown, but you hate them for whatever reasons available. Like the picture above.

Afterwards, you spread it, people know it, spread it, and there will be a continuous chain reactions of hate. Within less than a day, you can find that hateable unknown person’s picture everywhere, with thousands of hate comments intended for them.

Now these unknown person you hate have a the same function with punching bags: to release stress, anger, and anything. We just find ourselves a punching bag which is not expensive, and does not require a lot of energy to be punched or kicked; we only use our thumb or fingers at best, so to speak.

This does not only happen in Indonesia but universally happening in social medias. Us folks really need a punching bags that you can see in every (objectively) ugly pictures a lot of people commenting negatively about it. But not only to ugly pictures, but something people hate.

If you watch NBA Finals months ago, where Golden State Warriors blew a 3-1 lead that made Cleveland Cavaliers a champion, you can see comments like “L (means Loser)” or “3-1 lead” jokes in every comment section in NBA’s Instagram involving Stephen Curry and Golden State Warriors, though it is already over.

Cleveland Cavaliers, who happened to be the winner, receives that kind of tone of comments, too. Comments like “that win was because of the referees!” or “rigged!” are familiar to NBA enthusiasts or people who watch the Finals.

Or the currently trending US Election, you can see how the comments are negatively attacking both candidates (Sorry, Jill Stein, I haven’t see negative comments towards you) and people are seem to enjoy the debate between both supporters.

Worse is happening in South Korea, the kingdom of KPop. Although you can see how there are a lot of pretty and handsome idols, but the netizen does not think so. Some netizen sparks a hateful comments that intended to shame those idols, either they are too fat, too thin, or even too ugly. Those comments are just inevitable.

It happen to one of veteran idol, Kim Jong Kook. Who made a controversy for not fulfilling his duty in military service. Netizen bullies him for that, and just recently he reveals his scoliosis spine as the reason why he does not attend the military service. But that action was done because he was tired of people bullying him.

Those stories shows us how inevitable the comments are, and how people likes to lash out at people in order to release anger. How unfortunate. Because it is probably natural for social media-literate generation to do that rather than punch a real punching bag.

But all in all, we just like punching bags, don’t we?




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