Review: Doctor Strange

First of all, as said by Bengoldict Culflickpa—Benerdig Cumbsperpat–Benefli– Screw it. Try watch the IMAX version because it has more magical sense rather than a flat 2D screen.


Okay… Where do I start?

Right, firstly I cannot understand what kind of superpower Marvel, Kevin Feige, and people who chose the cast has, but there is a magic that can make the casts of any Marvel movie have a similar face with the original comic character! I mean, how the heck?

Again, they did great.

I personally think overall, this movie is a straight well-done.

First of all, the casts are really phenomenal. I mean, Tilda Swinton as Ancient One is a spot on. I never knew she had a Master Sorcerer-look, if you seen Snowpiercer (2013), you must never thought that this little smarmy duckface could be changed into a charismatic, powerful, and gentle-giant lady.

Tilda Swinton in Snowpiercer and Dr. Strange

Choosing Benedict Cumberbatch (hey I spelled this right!) as the arrogant neurosurgeon is rightly spot on. He has a well-known reputation for being into the character and did the characters a justice. I mean, there’s a lot of choices like Michael Fassbender, Colin Firth or any British speaking lads, but choosing Cumberbatch is a bullseye.

Story-wise, there’s a bit of a miss in telling the life of Stephen Strange before Kamar-Taj and these sorcery shenanigans. You know, his arrogant yet successful life. If I compare it to Iron Man (2008), there was a longer introduction to Tony Stark’s life, when he’s sleeping with a strange girl, or doing some gambling; we were given a clear picture of Tony Stark’s lavish and arrogant lifestyle. Actually, in Dr. Strange, the introduction of Strange’s strange habit of memorizing songs or glamorous life with arrogant style was quite enough but I can’t get a clear picture of why Strange considered as a genius neurosurgeon? There was no scene of him reading or something else, there was just a cabinet full of awards given to Strange. Also, I can’t understand about Strange’s lovelife, is he engaged to Palmer? But in the beginning scenes, Strange asked Palmer about the possibility of Palmer dating a co-worker? But later on you’ll find a special watch worn by Strange that on it, written a love message from Palmer to Strange? During watching, I find no segue between those.

Ah anyway.

That’s probably a little hole.

Now for the entree, I’d like to give so much standing ovation for the visual effect and the whole mindfucking plot. I spent most of the time jaw-dropping and wowing at the visual effect, spewing “WOW SHIT THE EFFECT” probably for countless of times.

Several times being a dilettante working on editing videos or creating videos using Adobe Premiere Pro, iMovie or Pinnacle Studio, I understand how much effort put in there and how long the editing process takes time. Because scenes like that are edited scene by scene. So to create a whole building moving haphazardly to several unthinkable direction, is a whole new level of editing. That’s actually out of my capabilities to describe its complexity, so you can see this spoiler-free TV spot:

Another thing is that…. I have a penchant for complex and mindfucking stories. To have some mindfucking story put into a marvelous Marvel movie caused a significant nerdgasm to me. Come on, time loops and some visualized beyond-time-and-space thing? You got to be kidding me. While writing this I clenched my fist many times because I wanted to explain how great it is to you–the story–but I still have a limited power to do so. You know what I mean.

The joke! Ah yes. So Marvel. One thing in common that I like about Marvel movies is their light jokes and funny one liners. Newsflash, this has quite a lot. To actually hear the jokes that lighten up the serious mood is lovely, you may already squint your eyes and make your forehead wrinkly when looking at serious scenes, but there will be a spot for one-two light jokes.

Overall, I like the movie! This might be another Marvel movie that makes me want to watch again besides Iron Man 1, 2, and 3 plus Avengers. Hoo I can’t wait to download it!


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