Remnants of childhood

I think we can all agree that the forming of childhood is transforming.

Kids these days are glued to virtual world like Minecraft or Roblox, or other games. We cannot blame them though, it’s a consequence of technology advancement. We (Gen Y) would have end up playing gadgets if the advancement of technology was earlier.

So the shift in “childhood” meaning is inevitable. 2000s kids have a different mental image of what we call “childhood”, in the next 10 to 15 years, they are going to tell their younger siblings that “Back in my day, iPads were this *use old monitor as a scale* big and so heavy” or “wow your generation has more blocks in Minecraft rather than in my generation”. While we sitting in corner trying to figure out the latest technology because we’re too busy thinking about cashflows and stuff. In short, we would be like what our parents now. Can’t keep up with technology.

But that’s not what I’d like to say, though. It’s inevitable, of course. Because shi(f)t happens all the time.

Come to think of it, in the following years, our version of “childhood” will no longer relevant. We were playing kites and fireworks 8 years ago then 10-20 years from that day, fireworks is already digitized and there will be an app called “Kite Simulator” or stuff. The gap between years is short but the change is amazingly unbelievable.

We’re probably the last person (or at least, 2nd to 3rd last) that have an experience of playing kites or swimming in the river in their life resume. Funny how I’m still alive and at the border of this major change.

I’ve been thinking since long, I want to run outside when its raining, I want to play fireworks to wake up my neighbors, I want to play with my childhood friends without gadgets involved. But it all seemed to be impossible in this year. And now I’m just stuck behind the desk thinking about paying bills in the future.

How I wish I could turn back the time and make the most of my childhood time.


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