Friends for Life

Please play the song below to get an (supposedly) emotional feeling.

Lately I’ve been thinking. I do have several self-proclaimed best friends, but few only the truest. But from the truest, I only have fewer that meet my expectation and definition of best friend.

One of them is my current girlfriend, whom I met in late 2012 and still ongoing. I have to give credits to her as she really stay with me through sandstorm and hail, know me the best, and all.

Another one is, uniquely amorphous. It has no substantial form, no leg, lo hand. Its name resembles many entity and a universe: Pokemon.

Pokemon has been with me since I was 6 or 7 years old, I cannot remember. But it stayed with me without complaining, it keeps on giving me surprises bi-yearly, keeps on changing and growing.

This is a tribute that I have been longing to write, how I am thankful for Pokemon and its creator for these amazing years.


I started in New Bark Town. A place I never known before, never read in any kinds of history books, or even taught in school. I swear I have a little awareness during this time, I can only remember I caught a Pokemon in National Park and started with Totodile. However, as far as I recall, I never reached Elite Four or finish the game itself. I’m still too young to understand things.

National Park in Pokemon Gold, Silver, Crystal

In 2003, there was a gathering around my house, inviting neighbors to have a sort of celebration if I’m not mistaken. When I looked around, there’s a group of kids looking at one kid playing a Game Boy. Yes, it was the first time I saw Pokemon Ruby played. Great graphics, gameplay, and a soothing sound came from the game. I was brimming with amaze, but I can only see from far since I didn’t know the kid.

The following year, I remember getting a walkthrough book of Pokemon Ruby, so I can see the whole game without playing the game itself, how the trainer could meet Groudon; the Rival’s Pokemon; and stuff. It’s the book I kept for years (which sadly nowhere to be found now) while keeping the desire to have my own Gameboy and play the game.

Luckily in 2006, my dad bought me a Gameboy and I picked Pokemon Sapphire as my first ever Pokemon game (not counting the emulator) and thus my journey started.

At the same time, in 2006, Game Freak announced another new Pokemon game for Nintendo DS: Pokemon Diamond and Pearl. At the time I just finished playing Sapphire and replaying it for roughly 9 times (because I didn’t know back then that I was buying a non-original game) and playing Fire Red and Leaf Green.

I can recall that I first know the information through, a website with comprehensive Pokemon information, and a website which I always visit from then up until this very second I’m writing.

In 2007-2008, I learned to download ROMs and emulators that enabled me to play Pokemon Diamond and Pearl, but sadly my laptop back then was not eligible to play the emulator. So I ran to my neighbor who happen to share a love to Pokemon and have a great computer. So we play, and I can remember how amazed I am to the new mechanics, enhanced graphics, and hundreds of new Pokemon! That only push me to buy Nintendo DS, but since I’m still an 8th grader with no knowledge of business or money-making, I can only ask to my dad or mom….. Again.

Late 2008, dad promised me to buy a Nintendo DS but with one requirements: my scores have to be good. Unfortunately, I could not live up to his expectations. So I failed, and I cannot get my Nintendo DS.

2009, announcement for Pokemon Platinum. Again, I can only play in emulators. But since it was the year I moved to Jakarta, I cannot play the latest Pokemon Platinum, and subconsciously, skipped it.

A year later, another announcement for the newest generation of Pokemon game: Pokemon Black and White. Again, only for Nintendo DS. I then spent 3 years in emulator, again and again. I played Pokemon Black and White, and Black 2/White 2 in emulator.

In 2013, another newest Pokemon game was announced. This time it was not for Nintendo DS, instead, Nintendo 3DS. It’s called Pokemon X and Y. With 3D graphic and wider game scope, it was such a joy to see an evolution in Pokemon game. I screamed at that time. I screamed in excitement. But again, that time I’m still in college with only daily income from dad. So I can’t buy it, again.

Then in 2014, I finally bought a secondhand Nintendo 3DS by saving my money (and sacrificing a lot because I have to refrain from shopping in Singapore) and a copy of Pokemon Y. I remember the first time I opened the game and the excitement. It was so exhilarating.

Long story short, between 2014-2015, I discovered another side of Pokemon which is competitive battling, which not limited to only finish the game, but to literally become a trainer and battle another trainer worldwide. I discovered breeding, EV training, IV breeding, and strategy making. That time I was so in love with Pokemon competition that I decided to join my first tournament. But only to face a humiliating loss. Because my strategy was not enough to handle all those veteran players in competitive battling.

As much as you love your friend, there should be a point where you just don’t want to continue or bored. That was what I faced back then in 2015. So I sell my N3DS because I wanted to buy a guitar.

But that’s a mistake.

February 2016, this happened:

Seeing it live and announced right in front of my very eyes, I screamed again. I screamed in excitement that another adventure awaits.

And just like the old days, my heart is beating so fast.

Up until now, the feeling never changed.

Written above may make you confused, the timeline is not complete, the story is not complete, and all.

It’s not about telling you my whole journey, but it’s about telling you how do I feel all these times towards Pokemon.

It’s a best friend for life, one entity that I could call “best friend”

It has been with me all these times, in my ups and downs, in my best and worst. Pokemon is always there. Becoming a place where I spew all my anger.

And the best part is, we grew together. Pokemon is now 20 years old, I’m 22. So we are on the same age.

Thank you Pokemon, for being such a best friend in my life.

(This commercial below represents my writing the best)


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