A track for the mind to run

I’ve been working behind the desk since May.

For roughly 7 months, I adjust myself to the whole new experience–the feeling of literally working, feeling of having a monthly-basis income, feeling of having to meet people not because we’re friends, but we have some business thing.

In some way, it’s great to finally arrive at life’s longest phase. You know, in the following years I’ll be somewhere in a building talking about something I never know before. Be it about country’s economic problems, political problems, businesses’ challenges, and all things like that.

However, it does also mean that I have to leave my leisure times and halcyon days. Back then I could write about almost anything and invest my time to think about what could I make to shatter the world (in a positive way). I could read a lot while enjoying some esoteric and rare musics. I could watch a lot of series and draw inspiration from it. All those fun things that I love to do.

I know it’s inevitable–most of us will go through that phase, though. It will be weird and unconventional if one does not go through it, as I thought that stages of life requires people to reach several indicators of its stages before moving on to another.

Although I started to like working, I feel my days are a bit…. Strict and narrow. I have to go to work every morning, start the same routine every day, go home at 5, arrived at 7 (if there’s no things to do), have a dinner, watch something short, play something in short time, then go sleep, and there’s a cycle. Several books in my room are dumped, only acted as a place to put something on, and weekend becomes the most important days in my working life.

When you do the same routine over and over again, you feel like you need some novelty. You need to do something (new) that can revive your desire to carry on with any kinds of life’s hardships.

It happens to me. But because I have limited time I can only find something new within my workplace. Sometimes, I listen to songs I haven’t heard, new genres, or anything. Put it into play with loud sound, and there you go. Lucky, though, my office is located next to a mall, so I can go downstairs and eat something new.

However, when it repeats everyday, it also becomes a routine, and you can be bored because of that. At this rate, I already reached that phase. Where everything seemed to be boring. But I cannot let that get the best of me, so I must figure out another way to cope with this feeling.

Just today, I opened a website that display a news mentioning Haruki Murakami. The news itself was about Murakami winning Hans Christian Andersen Award for his writings. That triggered me to revisit Murakami by googling him and knowing that he wrote a lot in Newyorker and he once wrote about Boston Bombings which I found literagasmic.

In his writing about Boston Bombing (Which you can findĀ here) he described the atmosphere and cheer involved in a marathon event. The displayed struggle of each participant, the leg pain after reaching several kilometers of running, or even the joy of running itself. He described it in a perfect tone.

Speaking about Murakami himself, I am a fan of his works. Though for now I only read Norwegian Wood, Kafka on the Shore, and Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki, I can appreciate his writing and his use of language. His writings seemed to be very representative to me, representing people with overthinking habit, out-of-the-norm thinking process, and probabilities that people never think will happen.

Through that, I feel like I am connected to his writings, though not as extreme as his depiction of precocious boy having some affairs with older ladies, but somehow his writings are a terms of endearment to me.

So in remembrance of Murakami and his love of running in marathon, I googled several marathon event(s) that will be held in Jakarta, and I registered. Balloon Run 5K it is. Not only that but after today’s lunch, I bought his first two novels: (Hear the) Wind (Sing)/ Pinball (,1973).

One thing I almost forgot to mention, is that Murakami’s writing affects my desire to write and writing style itself. I become in love with writing fictions, that started because of reading Murakami’s pieces.

And because of that… Today I realized that my mind is getting duller. I rarely write and read, that’s why. So for today, I think I’ll put my attention to write more and more writings and read a lot.

Because running and thinking have something in common; it needs track.


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